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Huy Tran

Huy Tran

Branch Manager
Branch 210

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About Huy Tran

How long have you been in the mortgage industry?

– Since 2005. I’ve been in Retail since 2013 with Thomas Yoon at Banc of California, formerly known as Pactrust Bank

How long have you worked within Excelerate Capital?

– March 2016

Do you hold a degree or college education of any sort?

– I attended UCR Riverside as an Electrical Engineer Major. 3rd year of engineering I decided that it is more to help people realize the American Dream of homeownership is better than playing with circuit board

Any previous career experience that you have that has helped you get to this point, such as prior mortgage lead, management, or processing?

– I started my mortgage career in a broker office that has no systems so I had to do a lot of learning. Most of it thru networking and personal experience. I’ve learned to do many things wrong so when important people speaks even until now, I learn to listen and see how I can apply that to my life and business

What are some of your person likings, such as sports, travel or family?

– I love to play and coach volleyball when the time permits. Football is probably my favorite sport because it is very similar to mortgage in which your success is determine by individual groups. Offense, defense, O-line, special team etc … in mortgage these are Processors, UWs. docs drawer, managements, funders, secondary, and yes even special team marketing. I have 3 kids so capturing their lives through family videos and just doing video for various functions, events, is probably something that gives me lots of joy.