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$25,000 Donated to Build New Kindergarten in Vietnam

Excelerate Capital is honored to announce the new kindergarten built in Quảng Nam, Vietnam. In a collaboration with the Tam Ky Project, this new school has one classroom, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a fence around the school as well as one room for the teacher to stay overnight. Please read the letter below from the President of the Tam Ky Project, Maggie Holly. We urge you all to support the Tam Ky Project by donating to them on website.

A Letter from the Tam Ky Project, Inc.

Dear Excelerate Capital,

Thank you so much for donating $25,000 to build a Kindergarten school for a village in the  rural mountain area of Tra Van, Nam Tra My, Quang Nam.

Tam Ky Project, Inc.
Tam Ky Project, Inc.

The devastating flood in 2020 had wiped out this village in Tra Van. The survivors are part of an ethnic group called Ca Dong. These survivors were forced to move their families to this new land and have been rebuilding their lives.  They live below the poverty line and suffer from hunger on a regular basis. The Ca Dong would not have been able to afford a proper constructed school. The poor women in this village take their kids to the rice fields to work because they have no childcare. They typically leave the kids in an area nearby the field while they are working. They were desperately praying for a kindergarten in the village.

Some of the kids had been going to a classroom in a shed (as shown in the before picture in the below link). They suffer from the brutal heat in the summer and the freezing cold in the winter with a lot of rain.

Tam Ky Project, Inc.

Fortunately, their prayers were answered with the generous donation from Excelerate Capital. Our nonprofit, Tam Ky Project was able to connect with the local authority and school system and we were able to build a brand new school for them. The school has one classroom, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a playground, a gate and fence around the school and  one room for the teacher to stay overnight. The teacher travels from the city for 4-6 hrs one way to teach at this school so this will be a dorm for the teacher so that she/he only needs to travel home on the weekends. Kids will be able to stay at school all day.

Tam Ky Project volunteers had visited this new school last week for the grand opening (see pictures and clips in the link below).  With your donation, we were able to provide tables, school supplies, a water filter system and a brand new television. We treated all kids and their parents to a festive meal to celebrate the new school.  These kids have never seen a playground or any toys before and they do not know what a television is.

They have never been to the city or anywhere else beside their mountains. You have made a huge difference in their lives by not only providing a safe and beautiful school  but you have also brought modernization to this undeveloped village. Now, they can enjoy playing with the new toys on a new beautiful playground/school,  and they also get to see the outside world through the television. The water filter system is also critical to their health as the water there is filthy and have caused a lot of deadly diseases. They now can drink clean water, which will prevent many dangerous diseases.

Before Photos ↗

Images of the village in Tra Van, Nam Tra My, Quang Nam before the school construction.

After Photos ↗

See the school completion celebration photos in Tra Van, Nam Tra My, Quang Nam.

Videos ↗

Take a peek at the happy kids in their new playground!

The parents, teachers & kids are so very excited. This is beyond their wildest dream. They wanted to express their sincere thank you to Excelerate Capital for making their dream come true. You have changed their lives!


Maggie Holly, President

Tam Ky Project, Inc.